If you wish to change your Little Athletics Victoria Centre in preparation for season 23/24, please read the important information below relating to changes:

Summer Season (September / October – March) 

  • Applications submitted prior to August (Registrations opening) – You will receive a confirmation that your application has been received, a further email will be sent out after new season registrations have opened & the Centre / Club has been changed. This most likely will be when your registration renewal is sent to you.
  • Applications submitted post August – You will receive a confirmation email once your Centre / Club has been changed. Please allow up to 24 hours for this process to be completed.

*Please note unless you are listed as a parent guardian in the registration profile, an account will not be updated for privacy reasons.


Summer Season (September / October – March) 

Transfers, after your registration has been made for the season, are discouraged and are subject to approval by the Association, each request is dealt with individually. Fees may apply.

Winter Season (April – August)

Please note during the winter season, transfers are discouraged as athletes have the flexibility to participate at any Little Athletics Cross Country program. Contact should be made in advance with the Centre or group conducting the program to confirm if there are any costs involved and to allow their profile to be nominated for results purposes. Athletes should compete in their registered Centre / Club uniform with their registration patch.

Please refer to the Centre contact list below.


Little Athletics Victoria welcomes families moving from another Little Athletics state.

  • Prior to the season commencing: If you have moved from Interstate and have not paid a registration since the last season, you can simply complete your application as a new member.
  • Once the season has commenced: Provided you are a financial member for the current season in your previous State, we can provide you with the help you need to transition to one of our Victorian Centres, Association Registration & Insurance fees ($89) will be waivered provided your registration hasn’t expired in your previous State. Please contact our office for further assistance.
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