Winter Cross-Country Program (April to August)

The Winter Cross-Country program takes place between April and August where athletes participate in Cross-Country running on a weekly basis.

Athletes still represent their registered Centre they were with in during the Summer Track & Field program, however, unlike the summer program, and in some cases nearby Centres can participate together sometimes in different locations, if numbers permit the Centre may run their own Cross Country program.

On any given Cross-Country day, athletes will participate in one event only. The distance of the event the athlete participates in is the same in any Cross Country program across Victoria.

A Cross-Country day is shorter in duration due to fewer athletes participating and only one event per athlete. A Cross-Country day also only involves a single event being run at any one time. These programs are determined by the Cross Country group your Centre is involved with.

Participating Centres


Whether you participate in your local Centres Cross-Country program or are a part of a program with Little Athletes from other Centres, children will all be competing across the same distances.

U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16
500m 1km 1km 1.5km 1.5km 2km 2km 3km 3km 3km 3km

These distances are as per the Centre Level Standard Events Table found on our Rules and Regulations page.


If I competed in the recent Summer Track and Field Season, do I need to register again for winter?2021-10-21T10:11:53+11:00


Any Little Athletics Victoria registration (insurance) paid since 1 August 2021 will cover you until 31st August 2022. Additional fees ‘may’ apply with your Centre or Cross Country group to accommodate the winter program.
What are the costs involved in joining a Cross-Country program?2021-04-13T10:55:39+10:00

If you wish to participate in a Cross-Country program, you must be a registered member of a Little Athletics Victoria affiliated Centre.

Some programs may also charge a small amount upon joining their Cross-Country program, or on a weekly basis. This information can be found on the Centre & Programs pages.

My Centre doesn’t actively participate in Cross-Country, does that mean my Children can’t participate?2021-08-07T14:50:42+10:00


Even if your Centre doesn’t actively participate in a Cross-Country program (or at their Centre), your Little Athletics Victoria membership allows you to compete at any Centre or program offering Cross-Country. We encourage you to contact the Centre to confirm their program and your ability to participate.

During the winter season members have access to view a summary of their nearest Cross-Country program this can be found on the Centres page.

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