So, you’re looking to get involved with Little Athletics for the first time – that’s great!

This section of the website will be able to step you through what you need to know about Little Athletics and how to get involved. So how does Little Athletics work?

The Little Athletics Season

A Little Athletics season operates for twelve months of the year and within that, has two seasons. Our full twelve-month calendar operates between September of one year, to August of the following. The first part of our season is our Summer Track & Field program and the second part is the Winter Cross Country program.

See the diagram below which explains this.

When you register for Little Athletics, you sign up for the remainder of the Little Athletics Victoria calendar season. For example, if you sign up in February, your membership remains until August.

A Day at Little Athletics


Each of our Little Athletics Centres operates slightly differently depending on their location, number of members and facilities. These differences will determine how many different events each athlete participates in on their Centres Little Athletics day, and how long a Little Athletics day goes for.

The Summer Track & Field program operates between the months of September to March and will normally include one Little Athletics day per week at your Centre. Most Centres have a few weeks off over the Christmas and New Years period. Centres publish their own season calendars.

In most cases, athletes will participate in four or five events on any given Little Athletics day which include; running, jumping, throwing, and walking events. Your Centre will have a program of events published so you will know what events are going to be on each week.

Events participated in during a Little Athletics day vary based on the athlete’s age. More information on this is found on the Athletes Journey page.


The Winter Cross Country program takes place between April and August where athletes participate in Cross Country running on a weekly basis.

Athletes still participate as part of the same Centre that they were in during the Summer Track & Field program, however, unlike the summer program, nearby Centres all participate together usually in different locations.

On any given Cross Country day, athletes will participate in one event only. The distance of the event the athlete participates in is the same in any Cross Country program across Victoria.

A Cross Country day is shorter in duration due to fewer athletes participating and only one event per athlete. A Cross Country day also only involves a single event being run at any one time. These programs are determined by the Cross Country group your Centre is involved with.

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