2021 Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships

2021 Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships

Announcement and advice from the Victorian Government regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Queensland.

Anyone who has entered Victoria from the City of Brisbane and Moreton Bay Region since 12th March must immediately self-isolate, get a Coronavirus test within 72-hours and stay isolated until they receive a negative test.

Athletes cannot attend the 2021 Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships this afternoon or tomorrow, Sunday 28th March.

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The 2021 Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships will take place at Casey Fields, Cranbourne on Saturday 27th March (U9-U12) and Sunday 28th March (U13-U16).


Date: 27th March 2021 (U9-U12) and 28th March 2021 (U13-U16)

Location: Casey Fields, Cranbourne

Age Groups: U9 – U16 Athletes







Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements. Athletes are able to directly enter without participating in a previous event.



The events on offer will be for all age groups – U9-U16.

– Boys and Girls 4 x100mts
– Mixed Sex 4 x 100mts
– Multi-Class – Mixed Teams 4 x100mts

All 4 x 200mts and Medley’s, unfortunately, are cancelled for all age groups in the 2020-21 season.


Timetable Structure

Event Times: Saturday 27th March

U9: 10.00am – 11.45am
U10: 12.00pm – 1.40pm
U11: 2.30pm-4.20pm
U12: 4.45pm – 6.30pm.

Athletes will be encouraged to leave after their block of events. The presentations will occur roughly 15mins after each block.


Event times: Sunday 28th March

U13 – U14 and Multi-Class U13-U16: 10.00am – 12.35pm
U15 – U16: 1.30pm – 3.10pm

Athletes will be encouraged to leave after their block of events. The presentations will occur roughly 15mins after each block.


Competition Rules and Regulations

Click here to view the Competition Rules and Regulations.


Live Stream

The entire event will be broadcast live on our Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube pages.


Event T-Shirt

A commemorative State event t-shirt will be available for online purchase in the days leading up to and after the event (open for 1 week). In order to comply with COVID-19 protocols, they will be manufactured and distributed by mail after the Championship event.

Cost: $29 (+ Postage)

Orders Due: Tuesday 6th April 2021 (11:59 pm)

The price for 2021 Commonwealth Bank State Track and Field Championship t-shirts has been set to accommodate the applicable postage fees – for this COVID impacted season only! 2022 will see all Championship t-shirts return to their pre-COVID pricing structure, provided collection at events is again permitted.


Merchandise at the Championships

There will be no merchandise sold at the Championships. Our Online Shop remains open and orders can be placed at any stage. Orders are delivered and don’t have the option to be picked up at the event.


Conditions of Entry – Attendees

This event is being conducted under the Victorian Government – Public Events Framework – Tier 2 Permit. We have a cap on the number of attendees, that can be inside the venue at any time throughout the 2 days. The cap is 2500 attendees inside the venue at any one time.

To achieve this cap, we will be implementing the following conditions of entry.
– No spectators – including Grandparents, Relatives, Friends, Private Coaches.
– Both parents can attend, including all siblings.
– Centre officials, including those performing a duty, can attend, without registration.
– Each Age group is spilt into a time block, other age groups will not be able to enter until the previous age group block is finished and exited the venue.
– Families in multiple age groups can enter for all age group blocks as needed.
– Families will be able to leave their belongings inside the venue if they are returning in the next age group block.
– Team Managers will not be required to leave the venue between blocks, they can remain inside the venue for the duration of the day.
– All Centre officials who are performing duties for several age group blocks, can remain inside the venue for the duration of the day.
– All attendees will be required to scan in via the QR code.
– Athletes are asked when they arrive to only enter the venue at the specified time block.


Centre Duty Roster

Centre Duty rooster, which has been designed to work within each age group block, considering the number of Teams entered. We have eliminated a few Centre Duty roles to assist with the structure and available resources while ensuring our COVID protocols are maintained.

The event is finished.


27 - 28 Mar 2021


All Day


Casey Fields
Casey Fields Regional Athletics Centre, 160 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977


Little Athletics Victoria
03 9960 8600
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