2023/24 Coles Region Track and Field Carnivals

2023/24 Coles Region Track and Field Carnivals

The 2023/24 Coles Region Track and Field Carnivals will take place across seven locations on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of February 2024. The event will serve as a qualifying event for the 2023/24 State Track and Field Championships held on the 9th-10th of March 2024 at Knox Park Athletics Centre, Knoxfield.

  • Competition fee covers both the Region Carnival & State Championships, if the athletes qualify.
  • NO refunds under any circumstances unless the Region event is postponed or cancelled by LAVic.

Date: 10-11th of February 2024 (see table below)

Location: Region Specific (see table below)

Age Groups: U9 – U17 Athletes

Registrations are now closed. No further entries can be accepted, and no further event changes are possible. 

Please Note: Dogs are NOT permitted within the venue. Dogs are not permitted at any Little Athletics Victoria event, please ensure you remind your parents, as they will be asked to leave if they arrive with a dog.

Event Schedule & Timetables

Entry numbers have been sent to each Region to prepare their timetables. Region volunteers are currently working on these and they will be added to the event page of each Region, once they have been finalised. 

Region timetables where possible are modelled on the State Track and Field Championships timetable, events will be held on the same day of the weekend, however, the timing can differ.

Region Pages & Timetables

Click on the green arrow below to view your Region event in order to view the Region timetable.

Region Location More
EMR Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Doncaster East
GCR Edwin Flack Reserve, Berwick
NCR Shepparton Little Athletics Club, Shepparton
NMR Whittlesea City Little Athletics Centre, Epping
SMR Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena
WCR Llanberris Athletics Reserve, Ballarat East
WMR Newport Park Athletics Track, Newport

Entry Requirements

To participate in the 2023/24 Coles Region Track and Field Carnivals an athlete must:

a) Be a LAVic financial registered competitive member in their correct age group by the closing date and time of entries for the competition.

b) Athletes must have participated in a minimum of one week of LAVic approved competition within the qualifying period determined by LAVic.

The qualifying period commences at the beginning of the Track and Field season in which the Region Track and Field Carnivals are being conducted and concludes at the closing date of entries for the Region Track and Field Carnivals in the same season.

Only competitions organised by an affiliated Centre, Region or the Association, may be used as a LAVic approved competition.

Entry Summary

A summary of entrants & events for your Region is available on your specific Region event page (linked above).

Rules & Regulations

There are minimum performance standards to be eligible to qualify at the State Championships in the Race Walks and High Jump events. Region Track & Field Carnival High Jump starting heights will be set at 10cm below the State starting heights for each age group.

There are no qualifying times for entry into Region Track & Field Carnivals for Race Walking.

Athlete Appeals

For season 2023/24 there is no appeals process to participate at the 2023/24 Coles Region Track and Field Carnivals if participation requirements have not been met.


What Region does my Centre belong too?2023-11-23T12:51:48+11:00

A summary of Centres and Regions can be found here.

What does ‘one week of competition mean’?2022-11-23T11:54:51+11:00

One week of competition is defined as being organised by an affiliated Centre (weekly competition), Region (Relays) or the Association (State Combined, State Relays). If still in doubt contact the office. Note: Training is not approved ‘competition’.

My athlete was sick/injured/away on holiday/had a clash of other commitments/did not meet the entry requirements to compete at Region, can they still compete at State?2022-12-21T10:08:09+11:00

There are no exemptions permitted for direct entry into the State Track & Field Championship.

Is there a field limit to entries in each event at the Region Carnivals?2022-12-16T10:48:51+11:00

Absolutely not, there are no limits to event entries at regional carnivals we welcome all age eligible (U9 – U17) qualified financial members. The total number of entries in track events will be split over even (randomly seeded) timed finals (if required). All results regardless of the number will then be tabled together with the results being listed from fastest (track) / longest measured (field events). The maximum field reference only relates to the ‘State Championships’ based on results from all regional carnivals.

Is age group promotion available for this event?2023-01-17T14:17:58+11:00

U9-U17 athletes must compete in their correct age group.

I have already registered is it possible to change events?2023-11-23T12:52:53+11:00

Yes, you can send us an email to office@lavic.com.au to edit your entered events. Events cannot be changed once entries close 11:00am – Monday 22nd January 2024.

I have already registered for events, can I add on 1, 2 or more events?2022-11-23T15:35:09+11:00

Yes, however, a maximum of 5 events can be entered. If you have already completed an entry for 3 events please login and register for the subsequent event/s as a separate entry.

I am trying to login with a 2nd or subsequent athlete and the system is showing another one of my children’s DOB. Why is this so?2023-03-14T13:16:52+11:00

You most likely have another member page open in the same link within the same session – please log out of both and start over logging in with the correct credentials to the child you are registering. If the issue persists, please contact our office. Please email our team for assistance, if your issue continues: office@lavic.com.au

I am having difficulties logging in, what do I do?2023-11-23T12:50:45+11:00

Registering for events is different to renewals for membership (where some families can register with one login / password). Each registered member has their own unique username, which allows you to register for your events in the correct age group. Please refer to your event invitation to source your username, if you cannot locate your invitation please check junk/spam mail first before requesting assistance from the LAVic Office. Usernames should always be copied and pasted to avoid text / numeric confusion.

Important: Direct contact must be made with the LAVic office: office@lavic.com.au prior to the closing time (11:00am – Monday 22nd January 2024) in order to have your entry considered. Late entries will not be accepted.

How do I update my mailing subscription?2022-11-23T14:43:27+11:00

If you wish to update your mail subscription and receive future correspondence, you can do so by logging into our member portal and refer to the option ‘update my details’.


10 - 11 Feb 2024


All Day


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