The Junior Development Squad (JDS) gives U12 – U16 athletes an opportunity to develop additional skills and improve technical competencies through participation in coaching and training sessions with some of Victoria’s leading coaches. Training with other keen and enthusiastic squad members is both fun and motivational and helps develop new friendships based on an enjoyment of athletics. The emphasis is to provide a friendly and supportive environment.

    Each year a set of JDS qualifying standards are developed which reflects the performances of the athletes in the current season.  The standards are adjusted each year, to ensure the athletes are being compared to their peers, rather than against previous athletes.  This allows JDS to maintain a consistency of performances and competency from the athletes, in which all athletes who are eligible and qualify can join, rather than setting a maximum number of members.

    The qualifying performances must be achieved at certain events to ensure the quality and accuracy of the results.

    JDS Day 5 – Coaching Rotations
    2021-22 Qualifying Standards
    2021-22 JDS Information Pack


    The athletes can achieve the qualifying performances at any of the following.

    1. Little Athletics Victoria Centre competition, Open days, Region & State
    2. SSV Region & State events (Primary or Secondary), SSA National Championships.
    3. AV Shield, AV Junior Championships, State & National All Schools Championships.
    4. APS / AGS / ACS / GSV Combined finals.
    • Performances at Schools District and Division carnivals are NOT
    • Multi-Class athletes should contact the LAVic Office for qualification requirements.
    • Multi-Class athletes will be accessed on a percentage of the Baseline tables.
    • Performances on a grass track require conversion prior to registration, if the performance is close to the qualifying standard, contact with the LAVic Office must be made prior to registration for approval.

    The JDS registration process requires athletes to complete the online registration, confirming their eligibility against the qualifying standards and paying the JDS Fee.

    Once the registration is checked for eligibility and confirmed, a confirmation of registration will be sent.  This confirms that the athlete has joined JDS.


    Date Event Location
    Junior Development Squad – Day 1
    Junior Development Squad – Day 2
    Junior Development Squad – Day 3
    Junior Development Squad – Day 4
    Junior Development Squad – Day 5
    Junior Development Squad – Day 6