Members who have previously been a member of a Little Athletics Victoria Centre will have a Member Portal account within our system. You will need to login to your account and follow the prompts through to renew your registration. This will populate all the information that remains the same.

If you don’t remember your username and/or password, please follow the steps below to retrieve these. You will receive errors registering if you try to create a new account as a previously registered member.

Click on the button at the bottom of this page to be taken to the Member Portal login page.


Most Little Athletics Centres have the option to register as a family. If you have multiple children participating, you are encouraged to login via the child’s account who is the ‘Primary Member’. To determine if you have this setup, simply log into one of your children’s Member Portal’s and you will see a ‘Linked Accounts’ section on the dashboard. If this isn’t there, either one of the other Children are the primary member, or you don’t have this setup. To set this up, contact your Centre.

If you correctly see that all members of your family are linked to one account, when renewing your registration, be sure to click the family registration option when first prompted to do so. Further along in the application, you will be stepped through confirming the details of all members of the family who are being registered.


Below are some documents that can step you through the process of using our Online Registration form.

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Your Member Portal requires a username and password that is automatically set by the system upon registering for the first time. Although you can link each child to one another, they will all have separate accounts which are required for when you are wanting to register for individual events.

If you have filled in an application form in the past, you would have received a username and password. If you have forgotten these, please click on the button below and follow the prompts.

Please note that your username isn’t your email address (unless you have edited this through your Member Portal profile).

Forgot Username / Password

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