Since the cancellation of the 2021 Commonwealth Bank Region Relays Carnivals, due to the rescheduling of the Region Track & Field Carnivals, we have been working through the revised structure and timetable for the 2021 Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships, at Casey Fields Cranbourne, to determine what is viable.

COVID Safe Protocols

This year, we are operating under the Victorian Government Public Events Framework, Tier 2 permit, which stipulates the total number of attendees that can attend, in addition to the COVID Safe protocols. We can have at any one session, 2500 people, which for our Relays, equates to 180 Teams of 4 athletes, their parents, and siblings.

Without Region, the number of Teams that have entered for the U9-U12 age groups is currently 1687, with the time to conduct these events, being 17 hours continuous, before any breaks.

Additionally, the process to ensure our COVID protocols are implemented correctly requires some changes to the Call Room structure and time frames to minimise the number of athletes in attendance at our Call Room at any one time. This extends the overall time allocated to each session.

Revised Structure

Unfortunately, to ensure we can conduct the events according to our Tier 2 permits and within a suitable timeframe, to maximise the number of athletes and Centres competing, the number of event types available has been reduced from 5 to 2 for able body and from 2 to 1 for Multi-Class.

The events on offer will be for all age groups – U9-U16.

– Boys and Girls 4 x100mts
– Mixed Sex 4 x 100mts
– Multi-Class – Mixed Teams 4 x100mts

All 4 x 200mts and Medley’s, unfortunately, are cancelled for all age groups, U9- U16.

We appreciate this will be upsetting to many Centres and athletes, as it is equally to LAVic, however, to ensure all athletes are competing across the two days in the same events, the events types on offer are the same.

Timetable / Entry & Exit arrangements

The timetable will be updated to reflect the changes once all entries are confirmed for both the U9-U12 and U13-U16 age groups, however, the day of competition will not change.

– Sat 27th March – U9 – U12
– Sun 28th March – U13 – U16

Each age group will be split into a session of up to 2hrs, separated by 1hr, where the age group will finish and all attendees will be required to leave the venue, the next age group will then enter the venue. There will be separate entry and exit points.

To ensure the venue is emptied on time, all presentations will be held outside the venue near the main entrance on the grassed area, at the conclusion of each session once the final results are determined.

Some parents will have athletes in multiple sessions, which is fine, but they will exit and enter on each session, as all attendees will be required to scan in using the QR codes at the venue.

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