We are excited to announce with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and 21/22 Little Aths season just about upon us, we are calling on Little Athletes to ‘Recreate your favourite Olympic moment’ on video!

Imitate Usain Bolt, Cathy Freeman, Patty Mills bearing the flag….or if you want go back further, the archer lighting the cauldron with the flaming arrow at Barcelona (1992), or even Betty Cuthbert’s sprinting heroics on the MCG in 1956! There are tons of iconic images and stories to search through on Google and YouTube.

Send in your clips - up to 30 seconds long – and we’ll share them on social media pages.

Athletes – now it’s your time to shine. Get creative, do your research, and have fun!

Don't forget the best clips will be posted our Facebook page on a regular basis.

Click here to view the advert with instructions for submitting your clip.