Coles Little Athletics Community Round (CLACR) is a celebration of the Coles Little Athletics partnership at Little Athletics Centres across Australia. Little Athletics Centres in Victoria are encouraged to host a Coles Community Round event as part of their normal weekly Centre meet during the 13-day period.

This season, the 2023 Coles Community Round will be held between Wednesday 8th – Tuesday 21st November 2023.

Little Athletes, volunteers and families can compete and volunteer wearing a splash of Coles red to embrace the Coles theme. Other simple ideas to enjoy the themed round could be hosting a Coles banana race or a Coles Gift, dressing up as a Coles chef or even a delivery van. Centres can be as creative as possible to showcase the Coles Little Athletics partnership.

It’s also a great way for your Centre to further engage with your local Coles store by inviting out Team Members to get involved and see the great things your Centre is doing in the community. The 2022 Coles Little Athletics Community Round was celebrated by over 250 Centre’s and 40,000 athletes and families.

Terms & Conditions for the Coles Community Round social media competition can be viewed here.